Kitten's Unusual Eyes Grab Attention Online (Photos)


Photos of a kitten with an unusual condition that gives him eyes like you have never seen have been going viral.

When people saw a photo of a napping white cat, they never expected what they would see when he opened his eyes.

Alos is a Turkish Van cat born with a condition called heterochromia. Cats born with this condition are often referred to as odd-eyed cats because each eye is a completely different color.

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​According to Little Things, odd-eyed cats usually have white fur, with one blue eye and one eye that is either green, yellow, or brown.

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The look of an odd-eyed cat is truly stunning and Alos' color combination is particularly striking.

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Alos' unusual look has captured the attention of thousands online. His Instagram account has nearly 15,000 followers.

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Sources: Little Things, Alos/Instagram / Photo credit: Alos/Instagram

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