Social Security Administration Releases List Of Most Common Baby Names In 2013

Noah and Sophia are the most popular baby names for 2013, according to an annual list released on Friday by the Social Security Administration.

Even though Noah ended Jacob's 14-year streak as the most popular baby name for boys, Sophia made the list as the top baby name for girls for three straight years.

Liam came as the second most popular moniker for baby boys, followed by Jacob, Mason and William, while Emma, Olivia, Isabella and Ava rounded out the top five slots for girls.

However, as more parents look to give their children names that will make them stand out instead of making them blend in, the top names on the list for 2013 were not as popular as the most common names were a generation ago, the Associated Press reported.

New parents applied for 4 million Social Security numbers last year and a little over 18,000 newborn baby boys were named Noah, while nearly 21,000 newborn baby girls were named Sophia.

Twenty years ago, the most popular baby names for boys in the United States were Michael and Jessica for girls.

In 1950, over 86,000 newborn baby boys were given the name James, and more than 80,000 baby girls were named Linda, making them the top names for that year.

"Parents are choosing softer names because the image of what they want in a son is a kinder, gentler, more considerate and more empathetic son. They're thinking soft and sensitive rather than hard and hyper-masculine," Bruce Lansky, author of more than a dozen books on baby names, told USA Today. "They're thinking soft and sensitive rather than hard and hyper-masculine. Not that Jacob is macho, but Jacob shortens to Jake, which is a macho name. Michael could be Mike."

Business Insider created maps to show the single most popular name by state based on the SSA data.

Check out the top names for baby girls and boys below:

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