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Noah Boyce, Raised Off Grid, Did Not Have Birth Certificate Until Age 18

A 19-year-old man who was raised off the grid in an RV never had a birth certificate or social security number until now. 

During Noah Boyce's life, he had never visited the hospital or the doctor, and never went to school. He finally moved off his family's farm when they were kicked out for not paying property taxes. 

Now, he is taking private lessons to learn how to read and write.

"People tried to get my dad to let us go to school, but my dad said he had his ways," Noah said. "My dad said we couldn't go to school for our own protection."

He wasn't even aware of his birthday until last year, as his family had practiced a type of Christian religion that did not celebrate Christmas or birthdays.

It wasn't until November 2011 that the family was kicked off their land near Brooklyn, Michigan for not paying taxes.

His father, Brian Boyce, did not think he should pay taxes because it was his land.

Brian said paying property taxes made him a renter on his own property, and that it was his God-given right to stay there.

He had reportedly given up U.S. citizenship in 1996, but he began receding from society well before that.

He moved his wife and four children to a rural part of Jackson County, and raised the children without books, video games or running water. They lived off a small amount of electricity which was obtained from solar panels.

Once the family was kicked off the land, the older brothers and sisters moved in together. Brian also moved in with them, and the mother lived with a friend.

Noah was able to find shelter with members of the church they attended, who started the long process of getting him "on the grid."

They had to track down a midwife who helped deliver Noah so they could confirm his birthday and have his mother and grandmother sign sworn affidavits.

He found out he was born on December 10, 1993, and celebrated his first birthday last year.

Sources: Daily Mail, M Live


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