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20-Month-Old Twins Missing, Smiling Parents Arrested (Photos)

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20-Month-Old Twins Missing, Smiling Parents Arrested (Photos) Promo Image

A full week after the parents were arrested in Stockton, a pair of 20-month-old twins still remain missing, as was reported by KTXL Jan. 16. Police in Northern California have been searching for the missing children since their parents haven't divulged their location.

Last week, Princess Canez-Walker and Aaron Weddles were taken into custody. The two parents seem to have sworn to secrecy when it came to the whereabouts of their other children and remain tight-lipped after three of their children were placed in proactive care.

KTXL reported that when the police inquired about his missing children, Weddles responded, "You're the ones getting paid. Do your job."

The police also confirmed that the parents, along with their 2-year-old twin girls and a 4-year-old girl, had been living in a white SUV in Stockton. The police started looking for the children after a missing persons report was filed Jan. 4.

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After all the children except for the twins were recovered, Canez-Walker and Weddles were arrested on suspicion of child neglect and child endangerment. Yet the pair was very uncooperative, police say.

The two were placed next to each other during their court hearing on Jan. 16, and at one point they were seen sharing a sly smile.

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"To me, that was disgusting, you know, due to the situation," said Canez-Walker's ex-husband, Richard Walker.

Showing their concern for the missing twins, Walker, along with his daughter, Canez-Walker’s former stepdaughter, could also be seen in the courtroom at the hearing for Canez-Walker and Weddles.

Richard told KTXL: "She's not saying anything, you know … It's just weird to me."

"I think that there's been some foul play," he continued.

Even though three of the children were located, the 20-month-old twins were nowhere to be found. The twins, a girl named Setina and a boy named Ren, who are about ten months younger than the older twins, have yet to be found.

A woman named Laura Salazar told KTXL that she'd had an inexcusable encounter with Canez-Walker. "She was talking to us like she thought she was God," she said.

Although the police haven't landed any new information or revealed anything notable, they say they regret not having found any pictures of the twins, which inevitably made their work a lot more difficult.

Richard told the station his ex-wife had broken all forms of contact with him five years earlier and at one point he had no idea where his own children were. He speaks of that period of his life as "miserable for me and stressful."

"Please tell me where they are, that's all we are here for," said Patreona Walker.

Both Canez-Walker and Weddles are expected to be back in court by Jan. 23 for further arraignment on old warrants.

Source: KTLA, KTXL / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: AOL, Stockton Police via KMPH, KCRA

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