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No Questions for Mr. Gore

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Tonight, Al Gore will lecture Duke. Sponsored by the Nicholas School of Environment, the former Vice President will be given a platform to continue ignoring the evidence that Climate Alarmism was a house of cards built upon a fraud. 

Far from being wiped out, polar bear populations are on the rise. Global sea ice levels have remained constant; we’ve had global cooling for the last decade and no warming for fifteen years.  And that’s why the honorable Mr. Gore, the man who would save us from ourselves while using enough energy to make even Limbaugh blush, is censoring student questions and limiting media coverage to the first five minutes of his lecture.

This seems to be a common trend among liberals defying reality. They have to control the questions to avoid confronting the truth. If Al Gore were competent and truly believed in his cause, then he should know the content well enough to counter any argument. In reality, it’s all about money. 

Al Gore is defending unsubstantiated, Alarmist policy because doing so raised his net worth from a paltry $800,000 to nearly $100,000,000 in the seven years after he lost the 2000 election. If Cap & Trade Tax gets forced through Congress, it is rumored he could become the first “climate billionaire.” It pays well to be a cheerleader for Big Environmentalism.

But for all his preaching, Gore is startlingly uncommitted to his cause. Air travel is supposedly devastating to our planetary health, yet Gore can’t even bring himself to fly commercial. When he speaks, tickets generally encourage attendees to use public transportation, but Gore arrives in a limo, or three, and has the driver keep the AC running during his talk. 

I know he has a “home office,” but that hardly justifies using more energy per month than the average family uses each year. It would be a shame if some concerned freshman let it slip that Al Gore isn’t exactly the paradigm of “sustainability.” As such, no questions unless you’re a card-carrying member of the Al Gore fan club.

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