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No Photoshop: Light Shines on Fallen Soldier's Dog

It was a truly miraculous moment that made one television producer "wonder about life and death." And she was able to capture the image on camera.

ABC News producer Kimberly Launier was shooting a story in New Hampshire about Justin Rollin, a soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2007. He adopted a dog while he was there and aptly named in Hero. After he died Hero was rescued from Iraq and delivered to his parents. They say the dog helps them remember their son.

"Justin, are you in there," his mother Rhonda often says to the dog while petting it.

Launier is thinking that perhaps he is because at one point she glanced over at the dog and saw a beam of sunlight shining on it. She quickly snapped a photo before the light went away.

She writes on

It was an unforgettable moment, and made me wonder if in fact Justin was in there... It was a great moment to share with Justin’s parents. We all laughed together, and wondered if perhaps this had been a sign from Justin.

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