No, People Cannot Change Their Sexual Orientation


Is it possible to change my sexual orientation?

Rick Brentlinger Answers: You've asked a very important question. My answer is: No, people do not change their sexual orientation and there is no proof that God has ever changed anyone's sexual orientation. We are born gay or lesbian according to Jesus in Matthew 19:12, where He tells us, eunuchs are born that way. Eunuch is an ancient word which described gays and lesbians when the Bible was written.

It is possible to sublimate your orientation and act like you're no longer gay or lesbian. And its possible to modify your outward behavior but changing who you are inside, who God made you to be, is not possible.

Obviously, some gays (and some hets) NEED to change their behavior (not their orientation) IF they're living a promiscuous lifestyle. Sleeping around is a poor way to live and a great way to get a disease.

Many Christians are taught that getting saved changes you from homosexual to heterosexual. Of course, the Bible never says that so to be scriptural, we need to stick with the Bible, instead of someone's opinion.

There are change "ministries" around the world, many of them affiliated with Exodus International, which advertise themselves as helping people leave homosexuality. What generally happens in these ministries is that they take your money, waste your time and when you come out the other end, you're still gay or lesbian.

I've written about Exodus International, the best known change ministry. Their "success" rate is less than 15% and most of those "successes," including the President of Exodus International, Alan Chambers, admit that they still struggle with same sex attractions.

That means Exodus has an 85% failure rate AND the people they claim as "successes" didn't really change. Real heterosexuals don't struggle with same sex attractions and real homosexuals don't struggle against opposite sex attractions.

I've also written about the Ex-Gay myth. I hope you will also read that page because it helps to answer your question.

I encourage you to always read and believe the Bible. God loves you and Jesus died so that you can be saved.


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