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Is No Kill Nation a Big Bully?

Bully - someone who enjoys oppressing others weaker than himself. Bullying is to persecute physically or spiritually.

It was announced awhile back that No Kill Nation was setting up a website called The No Kill Legal Fund and this fund was set aside from donations by people thinking they are helping animals, to sue those in opposition to this program. Realizing their mistake with the original name, it has since been changed to the No Kill Awareness Fund. While it is very unethical to take donations meant to help animals and use it to further your agenda via courts, No Kill Nation has chosen to do just that.

No Kill Nation is based in Florida, a motley group of questionable intents. It is headed by Debi Day. Recently a photo of Ms. Day was posted by her showing her in front of the headquarters of the Humane Society of the US. Ms. Day was flipping HSUS the "finger". How unprofessional. Why isn't Ms. Day trying to work with a group that actually does stop cruelty when No Kill Nation has never been on the scene of a disaster or a puppy mill. Instead, Ms. Day has chosen to sue and harass a disabled man who has rescued hundreds of dogs from Florida. Randy DeCarlo is that man. Randy suffers greatly from Crohn's Disease but manages to render care to over 20 hounds, mostly generic cases with many medical problems. DeCarlo takes those who have medical problems, the old, the injured, and he nurses them back to health. His sanctuary for these lovely hounds is in Georgia but he was regularly taking hounds from the Miami shelter until his health problems became too great. Still NKN comes after this man with a vengeance.

Because of this, No Kill Nation set up a legal fund. Originally it began life as the No Kill Legal Fund, with a purpose of suing those who speak in opposition to No Kill. Kinda like the Republicans suing anyone who voted Democratic. Randy DeCarlo began questioning No Kill Nation about funds donated to help the Everglades dogs, dogs abandoned in the swamps around Miami. DeCarlo asked for an accounting of these funds. No Kill Nation responded with a lawsuit. Although No Kill gives lip service to transparency in shelters, obviously No Kill Nation doesn't adhere to that policy themselves.

Let it be noted that Debi Day and No Kill Nation do travel in their private jet when they leave their plush office. No Kill Nation also loaned money to a boarding kennel and didn't disclose it on their 990 tax form. No Kill Nation also sponsored a convention for No Kill in Hawaii. Your donations to help animals allowed a few people to take a nice vacation and write it off as a business expense. Now No Kill Nation has established a fund to sue opposition forces. The question is why isn't all that money going to help animals?

Going to the website, it is obvious what it is for. No Kill Nation managed to get DeCarlo to take posts off his blog but they are also trying to get others who shared DeCarlo's info to do the same. This is a direct attack on our First Amendment rights. No Kill Nation has taken private conversations from Facebook to sue DeCarlo and another Florida rescue. Keep in mind that the No Kill Equation founder, Nathan Winograd, is an attorney and he solicits attorneys to become heads of animal shelters. All the time and money to get an education only to end up as head of an animal shelter? One has to question why plus these failed attorneys have no experience with animal sheltering. This, of course, is to intimidate people into silence about shelters because of the fear people have of taking on attorneys. Major organizations have legal funds but they aren't used to sue the opposition, those funds are used against abusers, lobbying for animal legislation, not for suing small rescuers who question where donations are going.

No Kill is behind many lawsuits going on against shelters. Lawsuits that take the money from taxpayers to defend is often the case. Two lawsuits were filed against San Bernardino County in California by those in No Kill. Both were dropped from lack of evidence. But it took staff time pulling public records, staff time away from the shelter animals. Taxpayers had to foot the bill for these frivolous lawsuits. Are these the actions of people who truly care about the shelter animals?

There is a movement now and it is growing of those formally involved with No Kill now speaking against No Kill. People have seen the results, overcrowded shelters with animals dying in their kennels, hoarders posing as No Kill rescues. And now that No Kill has shown it's true self and the harm it can do to a shelter, people are turning from it and organizing to fight it. People no longer believe there is NOT a pet overpopulation problem as No Kill preaches. There aren't enough homes for all of them, but No Kill says there are. If that were so, why do we have shelters? No Kill has no problem with breeders overbreeding, breeding mutants who suffer for the show ring, cruel puppy mills and even dog fighting. No Kill gives credibility to more breeding with their philosophy that there are plenty of homes, no pet overpopulation. No Kill has not placed one penny toward helping to stop the cruel puppy mills. No Kill has not contributed financially to anything that stands against cruelty to animals. Instead No Kill condemns those organizations who do fight the fight against cruelty. The No Kill founder does interviews with Rick Berman, a man who fights to preserve the cruelty to animals, rather than joining with others in trying to stop the cruelty that Berman represents.

Again, I ask that you carefully consider to whom you make donations. If you don't want your money to go for lawsuits, private jets, plush offices, then consider making a donation to your local shelter instead. That way you can always get an accounting of what your donation was used for. Adopt from your local shelter, you'll be glad you did.


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