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No Kill El Paso Accused of Stealing Money, Unpaid Vet Bills, Dogs Dying

Once again No Kill is in the news and once again it is not a warm and cuddly story. No Kill El Paso is being accused of stealing money, leaving pets in foster homes with no recourse, unpaid vet bills and lots of unanswered questions.

This is not the first time No Kill El Paso has made the news. Last June, a puppy adopted out by No Kill El Paso was found abandoned and dying in the desert, abused by the owner who adopted from No Kill El Paso.

No Kill El Paso adopted this puppy to a fake address, no credible information on the person adopting, as was discovered after the fact. Typical of the No Kill mentality is that any home is better than the shelter. In this case, that is highly debatable.

The puppy was left with complicated surgery to the tune of $10,000. Guess who is asking for donations for that surgery, you guessed it, No Kill El Paso. They will probably get that much and more. The founder of No Kill El Paso, John Conwell,  is now being accused of stealing that donated money and it appears the group has been left with $10 in their account.

"But No Kill volunteers said the organization existed until Conwell was confronted late last month, by volunteer Barbara Valencia. She says a veterinarian told her puppies had been abandoned by Conwell, bills were going unpaid, foster parents couldn't reach him for reimbursement and dogs were dying. Valencia called an emergency meeting, asking him for answers. That's when he left the room, then changed his number, then dissolved No Kill."

Seems No Kill has a ongoing problem with those adopting the No Kill Equation program. Boggs Mountain, a No Kill facility, was taking pets, promising owners a new home, taking the donations of those owners, and then was euthanizing those pets. The owners would then be told their beloved pet was adopted. Spindletop Refuge, another No Kill facility where many members of No Kill placed aggressive dogs, also was involved and accused of stealing funds. Porter County, Indiana was a big bragging right for the No Kill Equation until their director took off with funds.

I have written before in Opposing Views about the scams and schemes of No Kill. It will continue as long as people wear the blinders that prevent them from seeing what this program is really about. Armed with threats and lawsuits against those who speak against it, No Kill basically is producing an array of money making scams and inviting those who want to rip off animals rather than save them.


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