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Parents Who Left Seven Children In Freezing, Filthy Van Learn Their Fate

An Indiana couple will not serve time in jail after admitting to leaving their seven children, including a newborn, locked up in a van despite sub-zero temperatures outside.

Robert Boyko, 42, and Marian Clark, 40, were arrested after Fort Wayne police found their seven children, ages two weeks to 14 years old, in a freezing van outside a local hotel in January.

Cold and filthy, some of the kids were zip-tied to their seats. Some had no socks, shoes or coats and were living in squalor outside the Hallmark Inn. The kids were eating unrefrigerated old bologna and chicken wings off the floor of the cat-urine-soaked floor, 21Alive reported.

The newborn baby girl was rushed to the hospital with hypothermia and jaundice.

Both Clark and Boyko pleaded guilty to charges of felony child neglect. The Monroeville couple said they knew they were putting the children at risk and they knew it was wrong.

The couple had two other children die in the last few years. A 6-year-old with a number of health problems died in 2008 and a week-old baby boy died of sepsis due to a staph infection in 2012. Both deaths were "due to natural causes."

Corinne Rose of21Alivesaid while in court Boyko asked his attorney three times if pleading guilty to the charges would affect his disability benefits. When she was arrested in January, Clark allegedly told police she had $4,000 in her purse from Social Security.

A judge accepted their plea agreement June 13 and Boyko and Clark were given a six-year suspended sentence and four years of probation.

The couple is not allowed to have any contact with their children for six years.

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