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No Jail Time For ICE Officer Pablo Morales Who Was Accused Of Attacking Tow Truck Drivers

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer reportedly took a plea deal and will not face any jail time after being caught on camera beating up tow truck drivers earlier this year in Florida.

Pablo Morales, his son Diego Morales and a friend were seen on surveillance cameras fighting with tow truck drivers, as they tried to tow Diego Morales’ vehicle, according to a story on WFTV. The incident took place in January.

Felony charges against Pablo Morales were dropped last week after he pled guilty to a lesser charge of exhibition of a firearm. He received a sentence of a year of probation and is required to attend an anger management course and perform community service.

Back in February, WESH reported that according to an arrest report, Pablo Morales went to ASAP Towing in Belle Isle, Fla., to help his son get his vehicle from the tow yard after it had been towed from downtown Orlando.

Pablo Morales then reportedly got into a dispute with a tow truck driver and began pushing and punching him after he wouldn't allow him through the front gate.

At the same time, according to the report, Diego Morales began fighting another tow truck driver, and an acquaintance of Diego Morales got into a fight with a third tow truck driver.

During the fight, Pablo Morales pulled out a 9 mm handgun, backing off two of the drivers, at which point he and his son ganged up on a single driver, police said.

One of the victims reportedly told WFTV that at one point, Morales showed his federal badge and even identified himself as a federal agent.

ICE wouldn't comment on Morales' status in the department. Back in February, he was placed on administrative leave and had his firearm, credentials and badge secured.

Sources: WFTV, WESH


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