No Jail Time for Deputy Accused of Molesting 15-Year-Old Boy


In April of 2010, Collier County Deputy Charles Bullock was accused of peering over a bathroom stall while a 15-year-old boy was urinating.

As the report states, Bullock proceeded to tell the “juvenile victim to pull down his pants, or he would pull them down for him.” The 15-year-old boy reported the incident, which occurred in the Coastland Center Mall, to Naples, Fla. police officers.

The report details that on three occasions Bullock and the boy met up, and Bullock performed oral sex on him.

A mall janitor witnessed the alleged incident, which prompted a flurry of responses. Several mall employees spoke out, saying that they had seen Bullock staring at men while they used the urinal.

After his arrest, Bullock was fired from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

On Monday morning in court, Bullock pleaded no contest. Although he will not serve jail time for the allegations, he must serve two years of probation. Violating his probation could land him in prison for up to 10 years.

Furthermore, he must give up his law enforcement license.

In court, the state acknowledged that the alleged victim’s family had wanted prison time for Bullock. However, attempts to contact the family prior to the plea deal were unsuccessful.

Defense attorney Jerry Berry says that before the state lost touch with the alleged victim and his family, the young man’s story was filled with inconsistencies.

“It isn’t fair to Chuck Bullock that he was arrested,” Berry explained. "It isn’t fair to Chuck Bullock that he had to plead any charges. When you look at the facts carefully, I’ve been through the deposition of the alleged victim and there’s a clear credibility issue with the allegations made by the young man."


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