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No Charges Will Be Filed In Accidental Shooting Death of 13-Year-Old Brooklynn Mohler

A 13-year-old girl in Nevada is dead after her friend accidentally shot her while holding a family member's gun. Now, the District Attorney is saying that no one will be charged in what police call a “tragic accident.”

It was June 4th, and Brooklynn Mohler was hanging out with her friend at her residence in Henderson celebrating their last day of school before summer vacation. Mohler’s friend was holding a gun owned by her parents when it accidentally discharged. Mohler was shot and rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but unfortunately did not survive her injuries.

The 7th grade student’s death was shocking to everyone in the local community, and her friends at school said everyone liked her.

“She was really outgoing and bright,” said one friend. “She was friends with everyone. She was loud and funny.”

District Attorney Steve Wolfson said, in a statement to News 3, that while a careless accident definitely occurred, there is no evidence to suggest any intentional wrongdoing.

“I do find that there was negligence here, but we don’t have a criminal negligence statute on the books,” said Wolfson. “The one statute that arguably applies talks about the willful conduct of somebody, and that somebody must willfully put somebody in a situation where he could suffer harm or, in this case, death.”

Mohler’s family had started a Facebook page demanding that the owner of the gun be charged, but an investigation did not provide the appropriate evidence to warrant any charges.

Her former schools have since conducted multiple memorials to remember the young girl.


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