No Charges For Florida Dad Who Pushed Stepson Down Skateboard Ramp

A Florida man caught on camera pushing his 6-year-old stepson down a skateboard ramp will not be charged.

In the viral video taken at Kona State Park in Arlington, Marcus Crossland kicks the boy, Dino, and he falls down the ramp. A teen witness posted the video to Instagram last month. Crossland was also thrown out by the park’s director.

The State Attorney's Office said in a statement that Crossland will not be charged citing multiple factors, including a lack of evidence, but did describe his actions as "objectively abusive."

Crossland claimed he pushed the boy so he would not be scared of dropping in. It also was not the first time he used this “technique,” according to the statement.

The boy’s mother, Emily White, told the State Attorney she does not want her husband prosecuted, but said she does not agree with his behavior.

Crossland appeared on the Today Show earlier this month and called his action “a bonehead decision.”

"It was my poor attempt at trying to help him overcome his fear," he told NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders.

“I was upset,” White said about seeing the video.

"He's a really great dad, he loves his children, he's a hard worker, and he's an all around good person, and beyond that we love him," she added.

Crossland has already completed the parenting skills and anger control classes recommended by the Department of Children and Families.

Sources: First Coast News, USA Today


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