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No Charges Filed In Shooting Of 10-Year-Old Zack Reno

Police have decided that no charges will be filed after a 10-year-old North Carolina boy was accidentally shot by his neighbor.

The boy, Zack Reno, was hit when his neighbor fired a round from his gun after finishing cleaning it.

Deputies responded to the shooting and, after reviewing the case with representatives from the Davidson County District Attorney's Office, have decided that charges are not warranted.

“We located the individual who did the shooting,” said Sheriff David Grice. “He was shooting from his front porch. He fired one round after cleaning his gun in what he thought was a safe direction and hit that kid.” The man’s name has not been released, My Fox 8 reported.

Reno was in a nearby field when he was hit. The bullet entered and exited the youngster’s hip before becoming lodged in his arm. The boy was treated at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. He has since been released.

"He was unlucky that he got hit, but he was lucky he got hit the way he did," the sheriff said of Reno.

Source: My Fox 8, The Lexington Dispatch


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