No Charges Filed Against NYC Cop Who Ran Over and Killed Pedestrian


Felix Coss, 61, was killed when a police van ran him over just blocks from his Brooklyn home. A spokesman for the New York Police Department said Monday that, while an investigation into the incident is not finalized, no criminality and no traffic-law violations are suspected. 

At 4:30 p.m. Coss was walking with the signal as he crossed Broadway, but a police van making a left turn failed to yield to him. The officer driving the vehicle was not responding to an emergency call when she ran over Coss.

While name of the plain-clothes officer has not been released, The Post referred to her as “a veteran female officer.”

Coss was a Spanish teacher in south Williamsburg.

"He was very soulful individual," said one of his former students. "He loved his students and his students loved him and he's going to be greatly missed.”

“It was a tragic, unfortunate accident,” a police source told The Post.

Assistant principal of Beginning With Children Charter school told The Post that Coss was like a godfather to her children.

“This is a great loss to our family,” she said.

Sources: Gothamist, NY Post


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