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No Charges For Deputy, Firefighter Who Shot Woman's Home With AK-47

Dawn Bryan called the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida after she saw her neighbor and his buddy shooting an AK-47 rifle in the neighbor's backyard, which connects to hers, on Saturday.

The men firing the AK-47 were reportedly Scott Radford, a firefighter, and Paul Adee, a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s detention deputy. Adee's father is Sheriff Maj. Paul Adee, who is a supervisor at the county jail.

According to Bryan, nine bullets went into her home; one of those bullets shattered a window above her baby's crib.

“[The two men] got favorable treatment,” Bryan told The Tampa Tribune. “My house got blown up by an AK-47. I have to tell you, I was hysterical at the time.”

“[Radford] shook my hand and apologized,” said Bryan. “He admitted he did it. Then the cops look at me and say, ‘Okay, so, we’re good, right?’ I asked, ‘What about charges?’ and the deputy says he called his sergeant and there would be no charges."

Bryan said that Radford agreed to pay for damages, but she added, “I don’t think I’m going to see squat. I’m a single mother. I don’t have money to pay for this. They were completely reckless.”

“This is still an active case,” stated Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Carter. “...The case is not completed yet. It is ongoing and there still could be charges coming out of this.”

"There are 300 yards and trees between our houses. It wasn't like we drove by and shot at her house," Radford told the Tampa Bay Times. "It was a terrible accident, and we're handling it between homeowners."

According to Florida law, people can fire guns in residential areas unless they do so "recklessly or negligently."

Sources: The Tampa Tribune, Tampa Bay Times
Image Credit: Corporal Lana D. Waters


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