No Charges To Be Filed Against Elderly Man Who Shot Female Burglar Dead


Andrea Miller, 28, was shot dead by homeowner Thomas Greer on July 22, 2014. Greer, 80, returned to his Long Beach, California home to find Miller and Gus Polly Adams, 26, burglarizing his property. After a struggle, Greer was able to grab his gun. Adams ran off but Miller was shot and killed by Greer. Prosecutors have decided not to press charges.

Greer was severely beaten by the pair. He was tackled and thrown to the ground and suffered a broken collarbone, cuts and bruises, according to LA List. Prosecutors believe that Greer feared for his life and acted in self-defense.

"Greer exercised his legal and legitimate right of self-defense when he shot and killed Andrea Miller,” wrote Los Angeles County Deputy Dist. Atty. Janet Moore, according to the LA Times.

This particular story gained a fair amount of media attention because it was reported that Miller begged and pleaded with Greer not to shoot her and even told Greer she was pregnant (which was later determined to be false) but Greer shot her in the knee and chest anyway.

In an interview given after the incident, Greer said "She was dead. I shot her twice, she best be dead ... (The man) had run off and left her” also adding "I shot her so that's going to leave a message on his mind for the rest of his life," as reported by LA List.

Recent details emerging claim that Adams mother, Ruby Adams, and a child also assisted in the burglary of Greer. The mother and child apparently blocked Greer’s front door in an attempt to trap him inside, according to LA List.

Gus Polly Adams has been charged with murder, grand theft of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a felon, and first-degree robbery and burglary. His mother has been charged with first-degree residential burglary and first-degree residential robbery, the LA Times reports. A preliminary hearing has been set for February 3.

Sources: LA List, LA Times

Photo: Mad World News


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