Pit Bulls Maul And Kill 4-Year-Old As Adults Allegedly Smoke Pot In The House (Video)


No charges will be filed after a 4-year-old Florida boy was mauled to death by his uncle’s two pit bulls, while his mother and other adults were inside allegedly smoking marijuana.

Logan Sheppard died on July 19. His mother Stephanie Groulx, 43, his aunt Delores Fredericks and her husband Bill Fredericks were smoking a joint when the attack occurred, according to a police report released Tuesday. Investigators said Groulx admitted to smoking “half of a joint” in a back bedroom.

Logan was left in a family room with his 15-year-old cousin, who was wearing headphones and watching a movie on a computer.

Logan wandered in to the backyard where the Fredericks' kept their two pit bull terriers. They were out of their cages when they attacked Logan.

He was later found face down in a pool of blood. The dogs have since been euthanized.

The family told the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office that they weren’t away from Logan for no longer than five minutes.

A deputy wrote in his report that "the odor of marijuana was emanating" from the adults at the home, "which became stronger once I entered the bathroom."

Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober called the death a “tragic event.” He said his office considered numerous charges, but none would hold up in court.

Dolores Fredicks declined to comment to the Tampa Bay Times.

"We want this to go away," she said. "And if we keep talking, this won't go away."

Sources: Tampa Bay Times, WTSP

Image screenshot: WFTS‑TV, Tampa Bay Times


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