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NJ Woman Smashes Car Into Rite-Aid, Hits Customer (Video)


A 71-year-old woman accidentally drove her car through the front doors of a Rite Aid in Rutheford, New Jersey on Wednesday, striking an 18-year-old woman that was exiting the store. The entire incident was captured on a store security camera, which has been released to the public by Rite Aid. 

The incredible footage shows a woman exiting the store through sliding glass doors when she notices the vehicle and quickly attempts to jump out of the way. According to, the 18-year-old victim of the accident was struck on her lower right side but did not suffer serious injuries. 

According to the local authorities, the driver of the vehicle, who also managed to escape injuries, appeared to be in a stable mental condition. The woman was driving a 2009 Chevrolet Aveo. 

According to a cashier working at the Rite Aid, this type of accident is not unusual for the store. The cashier informed The Record that this was the third time a driver had smashed into the front of the building in the past two years. In other instances, the building was damaged but no other individuals were involved. A store manager explained that he was considering installing metal guards in front of the store to prevent future incidents from occurring. 

Firefighters and police arrived on the scene at the Rite Aid on Wednesday and ultimately removed the doors of the store in order to ensure the safe removal of the vehicle.

The Rite Aid remained open for shoppers, who entered through a side door as the removal process unfolded.


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