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N.J. Officer Praised For Jumping Into Overflowing Creek To Save Woman In Sinking Car

A veteran police officer in Norwood, New Jersey, is being praised for jumping into an overflowing creek to rescue a woman whose car plunged in and started to sink.

According to the Cliffview Pilot, the first site to have this story, the Officer Thomas Russo of the Norwood Police Department in Norwood, New Jersey was celebrating 28 years on the job on Friday when he was faced with a grave situation that put his own life in danger. During the storm that ripped through the borough on Friday, Officer Russo, along with Englewood Cliff Officer Mark Krapels, rushed to the scene of a woman whose car had plunged into an overflowing creek. When faced with a decision, Russo said he had no choice but to jump in and save the woman while her car quickly sank.

“She opened the door, fell and went under,” recalled Russo to the Cliffview Pilot. “So I went in after her. It definitely wasn’t the kind of dive you see in the movies. There wasn’t time to do anything but jump. I got her to the surface, then moved us a few feet so I could grab Mark’s arm. He pulled me and I pulled her and we got her out.”

Once the woman was safely on dry land, EMS workers attended to her medical needs as she profusely thanked Officer Russo for saving her life.

“She was fine at first. Then, after about 10 minutes she tried to thank me and started crying,” said Russo. “She was upset over the whole situation and over losing her car.”

The Norwood Police Department later took to Twitter to praise Russo and Krapels for their bravery.

“Congrats to Ptl. Russo, Norwood PD & Ptl. M. Krapels, Englewood Cliffs PD,” tweeted the Norwood Police Department. “They saved a woman from a sinking car in Norwood! Great job!”

Sources: Cliffview Pilot, Norwood PD Twitter

Images Source: Cliffview Pilot


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