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Nissan and JAF Testing Roadside Service Vehicle With EV Charger

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In brief: Nissan Motor and the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) have announced a joint trial operation of a roadside assistance vehicle equipped with a charger to juice up electric vehicles.

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The prototype roadside service vehicle was developed by Nissan which JAF will deploy from its Kanagawa branch office on a trial basis. The truck is capable of responding to calls from electric vehicle drivers who need a recharge.

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The trial service began today as part of the JAF catalog of services for roadside assistance. The truck is capable of providing mobile service, towing, and electrical recharging for vehicles and drivers in need.

No information has been given on the charging capabilities of the truck, but it will likely be similar to the "5 gallons to get you to the station" service offered by gasoline service trucks.

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Another option may be below, though don't be surprised if this voids your warranty:

Photo credits: Nissan


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