Nine-Year-Old Boy Decides To Rescue Dogs For His Birthday (Video)


A nine-year-old boy mature far beyond his years is getting some well-deserved recognition on the web right now.

When Ethan Katz’s mother asked her son what he wanted for his ninth birthday, she probably expected him to rattle of a few of the newest toys or gadgets. But he did not. Instead, Ethan said he wanted to save dogs.

"I was a little bit surprised that he didn’t want a toy or some kind of gift or something but this is just who he is," Ethan's mom, Lisa Katz, said. “Ethan is an avid dog lover and always has been.”

The Katz family’s two dogs are both rescues, and Ethan says that they inspired his project.

Instead of asking for presents, Ethan decided to sell shirts online for $20 each. Every dollar he made was donated to the DC-based City Dogs Rescue organization.

“Every day we would check, like ‘how many t-shirts have we sold?’” his mother said.

By his birthday on May 29, Ethan had raised $2,640. The money prevented 10 dogs from being put down. City Dogs thanked Ethan for his work by posting the following message on their website:

“Thank you, Ethan, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us here at City Dogs Rescue!”

The first shirt fundraiser was such a success that Katz decided to launch another one earlier this month. To date, his second campaign has raised over $4,000.

"Ethan is so excited to see his campaign take off and we are thrilled to help City Dogs Rescue get some national attention for the hard and selfless work that they and their team of volunteers do," Liza Katz told the Huffington Post.

To support Ethan’s fundraiser, click here. To hear Ethan talk about his fundraiser, check out this video:

Sources: Huffington Post, ABC


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