Nine-Year-Old Assaults Teacher After iPad is Taken Away


Schools nationwide are experimenting with giving away iPads as supplemental learning tools to students. School officials are also having to confiscate the devices and dealing with disgruntled students.

One South Carolina teacher had to brace herself after taking away one student’s iPad. Police say a nine-year-old boy assaulted his teacher after he was told he could no longer use his Apple tablet.

Police were called to a Rock Hill, S.C. school last week after the nine-year-old crawled under a desk, then emerged from it and began flipping chairs over, the Smoking Gun reports.

His 26-year-old teacher ushered the 5’2”, 125-pound boy into a hallway, where the boy began to stomp on her feet. The child had to be restrained by two other teachers and an assistant principal, according to the State.

The teacher’s left foot was left “bruised and swollen” thanks to the child’s repeated stomping, according to a Rock Hill Police Department incident report.

The child was not arrested but was released into the mother’s custody.

The entire incident began when the teacher decided to take away some of her students’ iPads after they were being loud and unruly. Two other students were disorderly and had to be separated by school administrators.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles high schools began to confiscate iPads after students were able to hack into the devices’ security systems. Though many students were frustrated, no physical altercations have been reported due to the confiscations.

Source: The Smoking Gun, The State


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