Nine California Cops Arrest, Hit Black Teen For Allegedly Jaywalking (Video)


An unidentified African-American teen was reportedly arrested and struck by police at the San Joaquin RTD Downtown Transit Center in Stockton, California, for allegedly jaywalking. A video (below) of nine police taking the teen into custody was filmed by Facebook user Edgar Avendano who posted it on Sept. 15.

Avendano said on his Facebook page that the teen got off a bus and was "2 feet away from the sidewalk" when an officer confronted him.

According to Avendano, the officer told the teen to sit down, but the boy kept moving toward a bus, so the officer grabbed his arm, but the boy took the officer's hand off his arm.

Avendano said he started filming when "the cop took out his baton."

The video starts with the officer striking the black teen several times with the baton, and yelling, “Stop resisting!” notes RT.

As witnesses yell and swear at the officer, more cops arrive at the scene to take the young man down to the ground. Several more police surround them, for a total of nine, reports the International Business Times.

The teen is eventually handcuffed and walked to a police car.

According to the Tozer Law firm, classic jaywalking is an infraction per California Vehicle Code Section 21955, not a misdemeanor.

Sources: RT, Edgar Avendano/acebook, Tozer Law, International Business Times / Photo credit: Edgar Avendano/Facebook Screenshot


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