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Nikki Goeser's Story: How Gun Control Killed My Husband

It is common to find gun-control advocates arguing that loose gun laws led to an avoidable shooting death. It is much rarer to find a gun-rights advocate argue that a strict gun control law directly led to the death of an innocent person.

Nikki Goeser has been a concealed weapon carrier for years, but on one night she was forced to leave her gun inside of her car because of a Tennessee law that prohibited legal gun owners from carrying a firearm into a bar or restaurant. Tragically, Nikki and her husband, Ben, crossed paths with Nikki’s stalker. The man shot Ben six times, and there was nothing that Nikki could have done about it.

Gun-rights advocates claim that looser gun laws will be enable everyday citizens to arm themselves and prevent random crimes. Nikki’s story is a rare instance where gun control laws directly affected Nikki’s ability to defend herself and her husband from a dangerous, gun-toting criminal.

As if that was not already bad enough for Nikki, a psychologist testified on behalf of the shooter and argued that Ben’s murderer was paranoid/delusional.

"So about 19 years from now, society is going to have a mentally ill murderer on it’s hands," Nikki said. "I will also be forced to worry for myself at that point. If I am able to possibly have a family at that point, I will have to constantly worry for them.”

Nikki spoke with reporter Melissa Stusinski at Inquisitr about her ordeals.

“I have chosen to educate the public on their right to keep and bear arms for self-defense so that they may have the ability to stop someone as depraved as Ben’s murderer," Nikki said. "If a legislator reads my book, they would see where our courts are too lenient on violent offenders and hopefully those legislators will try and fix the problem.”

Nikki’s story is truly tragic, but gun-control advocates would simply argue that the incident also could have been avoided if stricter gun control laws would have prevented the murderer from obtaining a gun. Was Tennessee’s prohibitive law misguided, or do Tennessee gun control laws not go far enough?

Source: Inquisitr


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