"Nightmare Nanny" Diane Stretton Agrees To Move Out, Presents Family With List Of Conditions (Video)


By now, you’ve probably heard the saga of the “nightmare nanny” who refused to move out of the family’s home where she was living. The Bracamonte family accused 64-year-old Diane Stretton of refusing to leave their home after she was fired for allegedly doing little work around the home. Now, Stretton has reportedly agreed to leave, but she she’s made a list of demands, first.

In a recent interview, Stretton finally told her side of the story, saying that Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte made up many of the things she was accused of and going on to make allegations against them, including claims that they forced her to eat dog food. Stretton also says that the Bracamonte family was in breach of the contract that they had all signed when she was hired at the home. Marcella reportedly gave Stretton an eviction letter, but the issues didn’t stop there.

“Right after she served that letter, she gave the kids three cans of dog food and told them to put it outside my room for my food,” said Stretton. “And so little Ralphie, four-years-old, knocks on the door and says, ‘Diane, your dinner's here, we got dog food for you.’”

Stretton also claims that the family cut off her access to Internet, cable, and air conditioning in an attempt to force her out and says that she attempted to reason with them.

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Now, Stretton has penned a letter to the family with a list of demands before she vacates on July 6.

“Agreement: I will voluntarily agree to leave by 6pm on 7/6/14 if each and all of the following conditions are met:

1. My WiFi and TV and house air conditioning and water must be continuously on until I vacate. Electricity in my room must be operational.

2. Bathrooms must be stocked up with TP (toilet paper) and hand soap at all times.

3. Marcella and kids must vacate the premises between the hours of 8am and 5pm until 7/6/14 whether I elect to leave during the day or not.

4. Between the hours of 5pm and 8am, I have full access to my room, the garage bathroom and the areas of the house between the front door and my bedroom. I will not linger in these areas.

5. I'm either given access to healthy food or given $200 to eat out. Said access to food shall be limited to hours between 8am and 5pm.

6. Neither the front door nor my bedroom shall be locked in a manner than prevents me from entering. This means the chain must be off and the locks cannot be changed.

In exchanged [sic] for the above, I will agree not to seek any of my legal remedies for your past violations of our agreement.”

The Bracamontes say they are relieved that Stretton has finally agreed to leave, but are nervous about leaving her at the home, as they are headed to a family wedding in Mexico and will be there while she vacates. They say they have recruited family members to keep watch on the house. It’s not clear if the family has fully agreed to Stretton’s list of demands.

Sources: Daily Mail, Time Magazine, KTLA


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