Vigilantes Learn That Islamic Militants Are Planning Another Attack, Take Them Out

Nigerian vigilantes in an area where the Islamic militant group Boko Haram abducted hundreds of schoolgirls last month rounded up and killed Islamic militants they suspect of plotting another attack.

Attacks from the Boko Haram have spawned vigilante groups throughout Nigeria’s northern states. Residents say the government is not doing enough to prevent Boko Haram attacks.

When Kalabalge villagers in Borno state learned about a fresh attack planned by militants Tuesday, they ambushed two trucks carrying gunmen.

An eyewitness told the BBC that the vigilante group killed about 200 militants, successfully thwarting another attack.

Kalabalge trader Ajid Musa said residents organized the group to make it “impossible” more militants to stage attacks there.

“That is why most attacks by the Boko Haram on our village continued (to) fail because they cannot come in here and start shooting and killing people,” Musa said.

At least 10 of the militants were detained and it is not immediately clear where they are being held.

After staging an armed kidnapping in Chibok on April 15, Boko Haram currently has at least 270 schoolgirls captive. Britain and the U.S. are actively involved in the rescue effort.

US Attorney General Eric Holder said both FBI agents and a hostage negotiating team are in the country providing assistance. U.S. reconnaissance aircraft are flying over the region in search of the kidnap victims.

Sources: New York Daily News, BBC


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