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Nigerian Man Uroko Onoja Raped to Death By 5 Wives

In bizarre story news, a businessman, Uroko Onoja of Nigeria, died after being forced to have sex with five of his wives.

Apparently, The Daily News reports Onoja was having sex with the youngest of his six wives when the other five wives decided they wanted some attention as well. They attacked him, while in the middle of the act, with knives and sticks, demanding sex.

Determined to make all wives happy, he proceeded to have sex with each wife in a row. On his way to satisfy the fifth wife, he stopped breathing.

Two of the wives have been arrested and the report labels the cause of Onoja’s death as “raped to death” (according to the Daily Mail). It is believed that he attempted to resist the wives’ demands as they attacked him.

It was also reported that the five wives had planned their sneak attack. Supposedly, they met and created their plan to run into the bedroom and demand they, too, receive some conjugal attention.

Onoja was a philanthropist who helped his local community.


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