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Nicole Kidman: Americans Should Support Trump (Video)

Actress Nicole Kidman has suggested that her fellow Americans should cease protesting the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump. In her view, the correct attitude is to support whoever occupies the Oval Office (video below).

On Jan. 10, the Australian-born actress opined while promoting her latest film that it was counterproductive to exhibit hostility towards Trump.

"I'm always reticent to start commenting politically; I've never done it in terms of America or Australia," Kidman told BBC Two. "I'm issue-based."

Kidman holds dual citizenship in the United States and her native Australia. She explained that she believes that citizens should support whoever is democratically elected to lead their country, whether or not they disagree with them.

"So I just say, he's now elected, and we as a country need to support ... the president because that's what the country's based on."

The Academy Award-winning actress concluded that no matter how divisive the presidential race was, "he's there, and let's go."

Kidman's comments arrive several days after another highly decorated actress, Meryl Streep, blasted Trump without directly mentioning his name during the Golden Globes ceremony.

On Jan. 8, Streep took to the stage to accept a career achievement award. During her acceptance speech, she asserted that Trump had mocked Serge Kovaleski, a journalist with arthrogryposis, during his presidential campaign.

"There was one performance this year that stunned me," Streep said, according to CNN. "It sank its hooks in my heart. Because it was good … It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back."

While footage of Trump gesticulating with his arms while referencing Kovaleski was recorded on live television, he has repeatedly denied the accusation that he was mocking his physical disability.

On Jan. 9, Trump took to his Twitter account to deride Streep as "one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood."

On Nov. 29, actor Mark Wahlberg asserted that celebrities should not use their platform to speak out on politics.

On the issue of his colleagues commenting on the presidential election, Wahlberg told Task and Purpose: "A lot of celebrities did, do and shouldn't."

Sources: BBC Two, CNN, Donald J. Trump/Twitter, Task and Purpose / Photo Credit: Channel Fi/Youtube

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