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Nicki Minaj Helps Pay College Students' Tuition

Rapper Nicki Minaj has reportedly begun to follow through on her offer to pay over a dozen fans' college fees.

Three people have confirmed that they received money from Minaj for college expenses, after the artist offered to pay students' college tuition and fees on Twitter if they got good grades, TMZ reports.

Minaj was tweeting about a contest to come with her to the Billboard Music Awards when a user jokingly asked if she could pay for college loans instead. Users were shocked when the musician agreed -- provided the fans showed her that they were doing well in school.

"Show me straight A's that I can verify w/ ur school and I'll pay it," tweeted Minaj. "Who wants to join THAT contest? Dead serious. [Should] I set it up?"

Students began to send Minaj copies of their grades, along with requests for help paying for classes and books, according to Billboard.

"That's it? I'll send it tomorrow. DM me ur bank info babe. Next!" Minaj tweeted in response to a fan who asked her for $3,000 to help pay for classes.

"Are you able to help me too? 1K for the balance that I owe?" asked another fan.

"Yes I'll pay it," Minaj responded. "Send ur info."

"If u give me a 4.0 then I'll keep my end of the bargain," she wrote to another user.

After agreeing to fulfill more than a dozen requests, Minaj tweeted that she would start making the payments the next day, and would do a similar giveaway in the future.

"Ok u guys. It's been fun. Let me make those payments [tomorrow] then see if I have any money left," wrote Minaj. "I'll do some more in a month or 2."

One person confirmed with TMZ that he received $500 from Minaj, along with two others, one of whom received a payment of over $800.

"While I am so incredibly moved, inspired, thankful and so much more, I have to say that I am not surprised!" said one Minaj fan, who shared a screenshot of his grades with the artist, according to USA Today. "She is, simply put, one of the most compassionate, caring and generous people in all of the entertainment industry!"

"She is also incredibly smart," the fan added. "She really understands how this world works and just how important education is to being successful. So many times I have thought of her when wanting to give up and having to struggle through my academics, and her words and actions have continuously inspired me to achieve success."

"For that alone, I am forever indebted," they continued. "And as far as her offer to provide monetary support to me personally, I truly can not put into words just how much gratitude I have!"

Sources: Billboard, TMZ, USA Today, Twitter / Photo credit: Dyllan/Flickr

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