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Nicolas Cage Argues Gun Violence Will Happen 'Whether Movies Are There Or Not'

Famous actor Nicolas Cage weighed in on the gun debate during a recent interview. Cage argued that Hollywood and violent movies have no real impact on gun violence.

The topic of guns came up because of rumors that he stars in the upcoming film "Kick Ass 2." Cage featured heavily in the first film of the series, which earned a somewhat infamous reputation for its extremely violent and bloody scenes. Cage will not be appearing in "Kick Ass 2," but actor and comedian Jim Carrey will fill Cage’s shoes. Carrey was called a hypocrite by some gun-rights advocates because Carrey spoke out against guns all while using guns during the filming of "Kick Ass 2."

“Jim’s going to do what Jim’s going to do," Cage said. "That is his right and his business. But I’m not blaming the violence that happens in my country on movies. I’m not doing it.”

Cage added, “When 'A Clockwork Orange' came out there was that whole thing with hooligans and Stanley Kubrick pulled the movie. I believe in freedom of speech and I’ll still rather live in a world where 'A Clockwork Orange' exists than it doesn’t. I feel horrible about the gun violence and I feel it inside. I don’t think movies are the reason why this violence exists, I think it’s going to happen whether movies are there or not.”

The statistics appear to back up Cage’s claim. Gun-rights advocates often point the finger at violent video games and movies, but studies have indicated that there is no obvious correlation between violent media and acts of media. In fact, some studies have even found the opposite, that less violent countries tend to watch more violent movies.

What is your take? Do you agree with Cage when he says that movies have no effect on gun violence? 

Source: Huffington Post


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