NFL Star, Convict, Cookie Monster: O.J. Simpson Accused of Stealing Desserts From Prison Cafeteria

O.J. Simpson’s long fall from grace continues to plummet. The former NFL player and accused murderer was reportedly caught stealing cookies from the Nevada prison where he is serving time for armed robbery.

Simpson has been warned by doctors not to indulge in fatty, sugary foods, as the once-great football player now suffers from diabetes and a weight problem. Apparently, that did not stop the 66-year-old from pilfering a stack of more than a dozen oatmeal cookies from the prison cafeteria.

“O.J. just stood there with a goofy grin on his face as the guard kept digging inside his shirt and throwing the cookies on the floor,” a source told the National Enquirer

The other inmates found the spectacle entertaining to watch, the source told the Daily Mail, at first assuming that Simpson was being shaken down for a cell phone.

“So when the guard started pulling cookies out of O.J.’s shirt, the other inmates started laughing so hard they nearly fell over,” the source said.

The guards did not end up punishing him for his cookie grab—but the embarrassment was punishment enough, the source reported.

Simpson has reportedly attempted to diet in jail, but quickly returns to his old habits.

Simpson is serving out a 33-year sentence for armed robbery. While he was granted parole for some charges, he still has at least four years of time to complete, Fox News reports.

Sources:  National Enquirer, Daily Mail, Fox News


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