Boo Hoo: Chicken Wings Sales will be Hurt by NFL Lockout


I'll admit I'm not a huge football follower—maybe because Houston's pro teams have tended to play like a bunch of injured nursing-home residents—but I know that the current NFL lockout is making anxious fans unhappy.

However, if you're also a fan of chickens (and there are lots of reasons to be one), buck up—your pain could be their gain!

Sales of chicken wings tend to skyrocket on football game days (especially the Super Bowl), so some mother-plucking chicken-flesh peddlers are worried that if the football season is kaput, so is their wing-selling biz

Well, boo hoo. (Though if anything's keeping them up nights, it should be what they're doing to those birds.)  

If the show season does go on, all you true-blue fans can still cheer on your team while helping our feathered friends—just serve up some tasty vegan "wings" at your viewing parties. And to make sure you've got game-day cred, check out what vegetarian NFL star Ricky Williams found when he held a faux-wing taste test.

Written by Jeff Mackey


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