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NFL's Eagles Fumble in Giving Michael Vick "Courage" Award

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By Karin Bennett

The Philadelphia Eagles announced that convicted felon Michael Vick's teammates have voted him the winner of the Ed Block Courage Award, whose recipient exemplifies "commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage."

The Eagles fumbled badly in giving Vick this award, which is named after a man who advocated in behalf of abused children. Michael Vick should not be someone anyone points to as a model of sportsmanship, even though he has now exchanged dogs for touchdowns after serving time for extreme cruelty to numerous animals. The Eagles' decision to give Vick this award is not appropriate and certainly does not mark a joyous moment in NFL history.

It seems like only yesterday when Vick emerged from the slammer after serving less than two years for "sportsman-like" conduct such as laughing as fighting dogs ripped apart his family's "pets" and hanging and drowning dogs who lost fights.

If there were an award for cruelty, I'd nominate Vick. What do you think—good idea or epic fail?


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