NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe Rips Miami Dolphins, Richie Incognito (Video)


During a recent interview with his friend Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Miami Dolphins offensive guard Richie Incognito blamed his behavior on the "culture" of the Dolphins' locker room and denied that he was racist.

Incognito has been indefinitely suspended for allegedly making racist comments and threats against his teammate Jonathan Martin, who has since left the Dolphins.

However, on "The NFL Today" on Sunday, former NFL player, Hall of Fame member and CBS sports commentator Shannon Sharpe eloquently skewered the Miami Dolphins and Incognito (video below), notes

"People will tell you want you want to hear," stated Sharpe. "People will tell you what they think you'll believe and then they'll tell you the truth. From what I'm hearing from the Dolphins, from what I've read in the paper, I don't believe they're telling the truth."

"...The Miami Dolphins locker room probably consists of 75, 80 percent blacks," said Sharpe. "If you allow Richie Incognito to walk around in an open locker room and to use a racial epithet that most black Americans, all black Americans know the stigma and the hate and the vitriol that comes with that word, if you allow him to do that, you are encouraging him to do that."

"I read, and I don't know, it's alleged, that some black players said Richie Incognito was an 'honorary black,'" added Sharpe. "There's no such thing. This tells me everything I need to know about the Miami Dolphins locker room. How we got here, and why we got here."

"Just ask your parents, ask your grandparents, the mountain that they climbed so a black person in American can have respect, can have dignity, and you allow this in an open locker room, is unacceptable."

However, over at CNN legal analysts Danny Cevallos and Paul Callan defended Incognito today, reports

"When you look at the context of what goes on in professional football locker rooms, this is just typical behavior and it’s gotten blown up because it’s publicized,” claimed Callan.

“Did nobody grow up in a neighborhood?" added Cevallos. "Was nobody on a sports team ever? Clearly, we need to go back to joke writing 101.”

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