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Next Time You're Shopping At Walmart, Be Careful

Thieves are reportedly targeting Walmart customers at checkouts with credit card skimmers.

A credit card skimmer, a small electronic device placed on top of credit card readers to obtain the cardholder’s information from the magnetic strip, was recently found at two separate Walmart locations.

On May 11 In Fort Wright, Kentucky, thieves placed the credit card skimmer on a self-checkout machine, WLWT reports.

On May 18, Walmart asset protection associates found the device.

“To go inside a store like Walmart that has a lot of surveillance equipment and install a skimmer is pretty bold,” Fort Wright police chief Dan Kreinest said.

The alleged pair of thieves was captured on surveillance video, and the images were shared by officials.

“These folks did not park at the Walmart," Kreinest said. "They actually parked off-site, so we're pretty certain that's who we're looking for."

A credit card skimmer was also planted at the Central Park Walmart in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

At least 37 local credit union members who shopped at the Walmart store had their debit and credit card information compromised and large amounts of funds illegally withdrawn from their accounts at local ATM machines, The Free Lance-Star reports.

The skimmers were in place during March and April, according to Walmart’s Global Investigations unit. 

Police recommend that anyone who shopped at the Central Park Walmart location have their bank issue them a new card.

Walmart senior manager of Communications Erica Jones released a statement following the credit card skimmer incidents, according to WLWT:

First and foremost, we have zero tolerance for any crime against our customers, our associates or our company. As soon as we heard about the possible fraudulent activity in these stores, we took action to protect our customers. We are working with law enforcement authorities to investigate this activity and are taking additional steps to help ensure that our customers’ transactions are safe, including increasing store inspections.

Sources: WLWT, The Free-Lance Star / Photo credit: Mike Mozart/The Toy Channel via Flickr

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