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Next Samantha Brick: Dana Adiva Says Her Beauty is a Burden

A 21-year-old from Chicago, Ill. is now following in the footsteps of Samantha Brick, as she claims being pretty is a burden.

Dana Adiva was on an episode of MTV's True Life series called "I'm Too Beautiful." In it, the aspiring pro-wrestler said, "The girls were extremely jealous of me, I would have hate mail, saying things like "you should just go kill yourself."

"It got so bad to the point where I just stopped going to school."

After she was teased repeatedly, she started changing her appearance in hopes of drawing less attention to herself. She wore glasses, started dying her hair brown and tried to gain wait.

But she soon gave up, and now, she is back to wearing heavy makeup and a dark tan.

This summer, she said, she plans to get breast implants.

While Adiva often complains that men don't take her seriously, and women are jealous of her, her mother and sister said she gets negative attention because she makes herself look like a Barbie.

During the show, she was dating a man named Dom, who couldn't take her seriously.

"He couldn't keep his hand off me, I couldn't wait for this night to be over," she said. "I'm hoping to find love someday but when you look like me it's not easy."

"My looks get in the way…when I walk into a bar I'm used to every guy staring at me."

Though she hates the negative attention her looks draw, she said there are some upsides to being attractive. 

"I get anything I want basically. I literally get treated like a princess and I don't really have to be that smart I guess because I am my looks," she said. 

Sources: Fox,Daily Mail


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