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Newtown Residents Survive Attack At Boston Marathon

The awful events at the Boston Marathon yesterday occured in the presence of the victims and families involved with the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Nine Newtown residents ran the marathon as part of Team Newtown Strong, and it has been reported that family members of Newtown victims were seated in the VIP section near the race’s finish line.

Prior to the race, Boston Athletic Association president Joanne Flaminio said that there was “special significance” to 26 people being killed in Newtown and the marathon being 26 miles long.

Every mile of the race was dedicated to someone who lost their life at Sandy Hook. The first 20 miles of the marathon were dedicated to the children murdered in Newtown and the final six were dedicated to the memories of the educators who were killed.

All the members of Team Newtown Strong finished the race before the explosions. The Newtown residents who were in the VIP section also escaped Monday’s blasts unharmed, at least physically, The Daily Beast reported.

“Newtown cannot handle anymore of this,” said Newtown resident Lisa Abrams. Her husband ran as part of Team Newtown Strong. “We don’t need any more stress, no more heartache.”

She added:

“I’m very sad about the world. You can’t go to a movie, you can’t go to school, you can’t go anywhere.”

Ed and Valerie Lucas came from Newtown for the event.

"I just couldn't believe someone would do that to the Boston Marathon, where you have so many different nationalities of people, so much camaraderie," Mr. Lucas said. "Even at the (runners') pasta dinner last night, they told us, 'Make sure you help each out.' "

Sources: The Daily Beast, USA Today


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