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Newtown Police Won't Release 911 Tapes from Shooting, State Board Says They Must

The Newtown, Conn. Police Department has refused to release 911 calls from the infamous Dec. 14, 2012 mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The police cite a new state law that prohibits the release of certain documents that are relevant to a homicide case, noted NBC Connecticut.

The alleged gunman, Adam Lanza, killed himself as police arrived. Police have not indicated there were more people involved in the shooting or that the investigation was ongoing.

However, the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission has ruled the 911 tapes must be released because the new law not shield 911 calls.  The case was brought to the commission by the Associated Press.

The prosecutor of the Newtown investigation claims that some 911 content could be blocked and plans to appeal the ruling in order to censor the tapes from the public.

The tapes could reveal information about the law enforcement response to the shooting, which could aid any lawsuits against the city.

Families of shooting victims had to sue get the 911 calls on the 1999 tragic shooting at Columbine High School, noted the Denver Post. The calls and a report detailed delays and mistakes by law enforcement.

Sources: Denver Post and NBC Connecticut


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