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Newspaper Pulls 94-Year-Old's Obituary For Shockingly Brutal Honesty

A North Carolina woman’s obituary was removed from the local newspaper after it was deemed too shocking and brutally honest by readers.

The News & Observer published the obituary for 94-year-old Wilma Black. The author of the obit is unknown, but it spared no detail of Black’s reportedly difficult life. The piece began by saying that Black “struggled into life” on Dec. 11, 1921, Some News notes.

It then went into detail regarding her difficult childhood during the Great Depression and the realization that her husband married her to hide an affair.

“Alcoholism and adultery continued throughout their marriage and ended in Wilma's filing for divorce in 1969,” it read. The obituary stated that Black was survived by her five children and 16 “known” grandchildren.

The last bit of Black’s obituary outlined the end of her life, which began when her son reportedly brought her to an assisted-living facility against her will. 

“In 1999 her son moved her to NC and requested that she sign a durable power of attorney," the obit read. "Wilma lived independently with her son's oversight until 2012 and then her son moved her into an assisted living facility in Knightdale.

“There he attributed her inability to care for herself to her lack of effort rather than the level of assistance and care she received. Family concern that she was being neglected was brushed aside. The location was convenient to his work and home. She told him, ‘This is not living, it's existing.’”

The last paragraph of the obituary revealed that she was buried after her son, Dave, returned from a vacation to Oregon with his mistress.

Black’s family reportedly reached out to ABC 11 News to comment on the accuracy of the events detailed in the obituary, but their comments are yet to be published.


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