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Newspaper Editor Fired for Publishing Map of Gun Owners' Addresses

Caryn McBride, the editor for the New York newspaper Rockland County Journal News, has been fired for publishing the names and addresses of gun permit owners. A total of 26 individuals were fired because of the incident, 17 of whom were journalists.

Back in 2012 the Journal News published the information under the headline, “Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood?” Since then, the information received widespread criticism from gun rights and privacy rights proponents. McBride even had to notify the local authorities because of the influx of angry calls and emails that the newspaper received after the article was published.

The newspaper then hired private security because the police did not believe that there was a threat. This only add more fuel to the controversy because of the perceived hypocrisy of hiring armed guards while publishing gun control articles.

Eventually, though, enough was enough. Janet Hasson, the CEO of the newspaper, announced that some of the staff would be fired because of the article. The newspaper even admitted that much of the information of the article was badly outdated. Some of the residences that were listed in the article no longer contained a gun.

The Times also reported that one of the homes on the list was burglarized by thieves looking for guns.

Do you see this as journalists getting their just desserts for overstepping their bounds and publishing information that should have stayed under wraps? Or do you think that it’s unfair that these people who were just doing their job got caught in the crossfire of the gun debate?  

Source: WND


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