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Reporter Stunned By Events Unfolding On Beach Behind Him (Video)

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A couple appeared to be caught having sex on a beach in the background of a BBC news report in Rio (video below). 

In the clip, BBC presenter Dan Walker can be seen summarizing the day’s events at the Summer Olympics, though he quickly starts to smirk as he notices two people getting extremely close on the sand behind him.

Walker insists that the couple was not doing “that” and instead “having a hug.”

“And for those asking about what’s going on in the background on social media now -- we’re not gonna zoom in, but rest assured, it’s not that … it’s just a hug,” Walker tells the audience. “They’re reading a book, apparently they’re reading a book in a strange pose.”

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The reporter initially attempted to ignore what was happening behind him, but then more and more people begin to tweet their reactions to him, leaving him no choice but to acknowledge it on air.

“Couple behind Dan Walker's beach hut on BBC4 - they're hugging/reading a book, he says,” one viewer tweeted.

“It book must have been 50 Shades of Grey the way his groin area was gyrating!!!” another wrote.

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Walker took to Twitter after his broadcast to make light of the situation.

“It's live TV. Anything can happen!” he wrote. 

It wasn’t the first bizarre incident to happen while Walker was reporting live at the Rio Olympics. In another incident, Daily Mail reported, an intoxicated bridal party staggered past Walker as he was on camera. 

“This could be interesting,” Walker said as the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids walked past his camera and the security detail nearby. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro / Photo Credits: BBC via Metro

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