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News Report on Gun Violence in Chicago Interrupted by Gunfire (Audio)

NPR reporter David Schaper was doing a story on gun violence yesterday in Chicago when gunshots suddenly rang out.

Schaper's NPR report was about the efforts of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to require all gun purchases to be videotaped and limit gun sales to one firearm per customer per month.

While Schaper was interviewing neighborhood activist Asiaha Butler on the South Side of Chicago, shots were suddenly fired nearby, reports (audio below).

"Asiaha pushes the little girl indoors and some people duck down and scurry, while some of us just watch in bewilderment, while the shooter gets back into his car and drives down the street right in our direction," said Schaper.

According to Schaper, the shooter was firing at a van.

"One passenger in the van, a 28-year-old male, was hit, the bullet lodged in his head just behind his ear," Schaper described. "Police say it's a serious injury, possibly life-threatening. The victim was initially conscious and talking but a detective tells me he refused to cooperate with investigators."

Schaper noted that minutes after the shooting, an ice cream truck drove by, playing cheerful music to greet neighborhood kids who were hiding in their homes.

Sources: RawStory.comNPR


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