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News Anchor Alycia Lane Sues CBS, Former Co-Anchor

A former Philadelphia news anchor, who was fired from her job amid wild, sex-fueled accusations, is suing CBS as well as her former co-anchor, who claims he had an affair with her.

CBS-owned KYW fired Alycia Lane in January 2008, a month after she was arrested in New York City for allegedly smacking a police officer -- charges in that case were later dropped.

But it was the last straw for Lane, the station noting a "series of incidents resulting from judgments she has made" as the reason for her termination. Those incidents included emailing a bikini photo of herself to married NFL anchor Rich Eisen (she said they were long-time friends), and an alleged affair with married co-anchor Larry Mendte (which she denies).

Mendte was fired five months later and pleaded guilty to criminal charges for illegally accessing Lane's computer and leaking material about her to gossip columnists.

According to a report in the New York Post, Mendte's deposition contains salacious details about their alleged relationship. He said the first time they kissed was in her apartment in 2004 when he drove her home. Mendte claims she came out of her bedroom with just a bra on, and the two kissed. 

During another car ride, Mendte testified, "Alycia unhooked her seat belt and -- actually, while I was driving, straddled me and started kissing me, and we -- I pulled off to the side of the road and that continued for a while. There was some fondling."

Mendte also said that during newscasts Lane would text him the numbers "1-4-3," code for "I love you."

But Lane said Mendte is just a liar. In her deposition in January, she called him "a sociopathic narcissist." Asked if "Mr. Mendte made unwanted advances to you and... you spurned those advances," Lane replied, "Yes."

Once when he tried to kiss her, Lane said she told him, "A kiss is cheating, Larry. You're a married man."

She said Mendte once gave her a Starbucks toy, a frog dressed as a prince, "because he knew I didn't find him attractive." Her response? "I tossed [it] out promptly because [it] creeped me out."

The case is set to go to trial next month.

Lane is now an anchor in Los Angeles. Mendte works at a station in New York City.


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