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Newlywed Firefighter Anthony Bruno Shot, Killed Fighting Off-Duty Cop Outside Wedding Reception

A Kansas City, Mo., firefighter whose wedding reception appears to have gotten out of hand was killed while beating an off-duty police officer unconscious early Sunday morning. The cop shot him before passing out, according to the police version of the deadly incident.

Third-generation firefighter Anthony Bruno, 26, was celebrating his wedding, which had actually taken place a couple of weeks earlier. According to reports on local Kansas City television, Bruno escorted an inebriated wedding reception guest to a taxi stand outside the Marriott Hotel in downtown Kansas City.

But when Bruno (pictured) and the cab driver couldn’t agree on a fare to get the guest home, a scuffle somehow broke out.

A uniformed, but off-duty, police officer providing security at a nearby location got the call of a reported assault in progress and rushed over to the Marriott. Upon arriving, the officer — whose name has not been released — saw Bruno turn and run away.

According to Kansas City Police Department spokesman Capt. Tye Grant, the officer gave chase and caught up to the newlywed firefighter, but instead of going quietly, Bruno attacked.

He punched the surprised cop repeatedly in the face and head. Sources have reported that the cop suffered a fractured skull and broken orbital bone, but police have not confirmed those specific injuries. They said only that the officer was admitted to the hospital with “serious injuries.”

In any event, Bruno beat the officer nearly senseless. Before slipping into unconsciousness, the police officer shot Bruno twice in the chest. The officer was “fearing for his life,” Grant said.

Police sources said that the cop was still out cold when backup officers arrived on the scene, but other reports say that he helped perform CPR on Bruno in an attempt to revive the fallen groom. The sequence of events is not yet clear, such as whether the officer — a longtime member of the force and a military veteran — woke up and then began to help save Bruno.

Bruno’s friends say that violence was not in his makeup.

“He was just one of those kids that always tried to help around the neighborhood and if there was a problem, he was always right there to help anyone that needed help,” Ray Martin, a longtime friend, told KCTV-5 News.

Why this firefighter who always tried to help people suddenly decided it was a good idea to brutally attack a police officer has yet to be explained.

Source: KCTV-5 News, Kansas City Star, Fox 4 KC


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