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Woman Discovers Herself In The Background Of Her Husband's Childhood Photo, 11 Years Before They Met (Photo)

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Newlyweds Nick Wheeler, 26, and Aimee Maiden, 25, were shocked to discover that they were both in the same holiday snapshot on the beach 11 years before they ever met.

The couple was flipping through old photographs at Wheeler’s grandparents' home after their engagement, when Maiden suddenly recognized herself as one of the girls in the background of a photo.

 “Nick is sitting front right in the boat with his sister and two cousins and his family,” Maiden said. “To the left and behind his cousin I’m in the blue swimsuit with my mum, dad and sister.”

Both can be seen happily making sandcastles with their families.

Maiden noted that the photo is even more significant because Wheeler’s family didn’t even live in Cornwall at the time the picture was taken – they were simply there on vacation.

It wasn’t until high school that the two officially met and began dating, 11 years after the photo was taken in 1994.

Following Maiden’s training as a teacher and Wheeler’s entry into the army, the couple moved in together. After getting engaged last year, they hosted a party and showed the beach photo to friends and family.

The couple finally married on Saturday, just a minute’s walk away from the spot the photo was taken, and are now heading to Florida for their honeymoon. When they return, they plan on framing the prized picture.

“It’s probably something we should do,” Maiden said.

Maiden added that the coincidence has just confirmed to her that she’s found her soul mate.

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Sources: DailyMail, Metro


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