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Newly Uncovered Video Shows Motorcycle Gang Attacking Another Car

The group of motorcycle riders who attacked and beat the driver of an SUV in upper Manhattan on Sept. 29 may have harassed and attacked another car on an earlier ride, a newly uncovered video seems to show.

The video surfaced on the Facebook page of Street FX Motorsport & Graphics. According to the owners of that page, the video comes from the same YouTube account as the now-infamous viral helmet-cam video showing the confrontation with SUV driver Alexian Lien, for which four of the bikers are now under arrest.

While there is no independent verification that the bikers in the newly-found video are the same ones in the Manhattan incident, the New York web site Gothamist notes that in both videos, riders “wearing red jackets with diamond-shaped emblems on the back” can be seen.

The new video reveals the bikers violating a variety of traffic regulations. According to Gothamist, “among other things, they run through red lights, cut off other drivers, and drive in the middle of the road, the wrong side of the street and on the sidewalk.”

At about 1:15 into the video, the bikers are seen surrounding a Toyota Prius as one rider pounds on the car’s window with his hand. Unlike in the SUV incident, the confrontation goes no further than that.

A video capture of the Prius attack is above. Watch the newly discovered video below and decide for yourself is this is the same gang that attacked Lien and his family.

Sources: Gothamist, Street FX Motorsport & Graphics Facebook, New York Daily News


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