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Newly Single Woman Knows Exactly How To Avoid Wedding Bouquet Toss, Another Stops At Nothing (Video)

If you’re recently divorced, the last thing you want to think about is getting married again. It makes all the sense in the world then, to avoid the traditional wedding bouquet toss that many women look forward to.

But if you do somehow end up in the crowd of bride-to-be hopefuls, one woman shows us exactly how to avoid catch it.

“[Here’s] my mom’s reaction to getting married after her recent divorce,” Reddit user Crapsnackle wrote with the accompanying photo that caught the moment caught on camera.

The recent divorcee ducks for cover as the other women reach, some jump, for the bouquet.

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Recently divorced or not, this woman probably has the right idea considering the great lengths some women will go to nab the bouquet – literally.

It’s probably best to stay out of their way.

Sources: Reddit, The Stir


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