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Texas Shooting Victims' Pleas Heard On 911 Tapes (Video)

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Newly released 911 tapes have revealed some details about the final moments in the lives of Madison and Taylor Sheats, two young women reportedly shot to death by their mother outside their home in Katy, Texas (video below).

On one of the tapes released by the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, 17-year-old Madison can be heard begging her mother, Christy Sheats, "please don't shoot the gun," moments before she was killed on the afternoon of June 24, the Daily Mail reported. Screaming could be heard in the background of the audio.

In the same call, Christy's husband and the girls' father, 45-year-old Jason Sheats, can be heard telling his wife, "I promise you whatever you want I will do."

A second 911 call was reportedly made by 22-year-old Taylor after she had been shot, but she was reportedly unable to speak or convey any information to the dispatcher.

Another tape recorded an emergency call made by a neighbor, who told law enforcement he had watched Christy shoot Taylor in the back as the young woman fled from the house. According to the neighbor, the shot came right after Christy went back inside to reload the gun while her daughter lay on the ground outside the home.

"She’s coming back again apparently she has bullets now," the neighbor could be heard saying on the tape, according to the Daily Mail. "She’s shot her again from the back. She’s trying to run. She shot her in the back."

Taylor died from several gunshot wounds to her head and torso, while Madison died of a single bullet that went through her neck into her chest. Christy was shot and killed by a police officer at the scene. 

Madison's classmate from Seven Lakes High School in Katy reportedly called the teen around 9 or 10 a.m. on the day of the shooting and could tell that something was wrong.

"I could just tell in her voice she was upset about something," the friend, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Daily Mail. "I asked her what was going on and she wouldn't tell me.

"She just said that she was arguing with her mom. I found that really weird because she would always tell me what was wrong with her but that day she just didn't tell me."

Sources close to the investigation told the Daily Mail that three out of 14 emergency calls made from the Sheats residence in the last four years were about suicide attempts by Christy. Madison Davey, a friend of the Sheats, described the troubled woman as "toxic for the family."

Jason reportedly told Davey that the shooting occurred after he and Christy got into an argument, during which he urged his wife to kill herself rather than harm the rest of the family.

"He told Christy, 'Just shoot yourself. Make it easy on all of us, just shoot yourself,'" Davey told ABC 13, the Daily Mail reported. "And she said, 'No, that's not what this is about, this is about punishing you.'"

Police said Christy asked her husband and daughters to convene in the living room for a family meeting after the couple fought over marital issues, according to CBS. She then allegedly held up a gun and shot both girls and chased them as they fled outside.

The murder weapon used was reportedly a five-shot, .38 caliber handgun.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS / Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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